Self-service portal for employees and management

The self-service portal is a modern, technologically advanced and convenient solution for the efficient work of employees and the secure exchange of documents.

As part of our services, we offer our clients a cloud portal of our own design, which helps to reduce administration costs, as well as gain the necessary transparency and control in terms of data and processes related to payroll and personnel.

It is assumed that the portal will act as a "single window" for your employees and management. Thanks to the self-service option on the portal, your employees will have the freedom to solve numerous tasks on their own without the need to contact the HR department for support - employees will be able to register in the system to access their pay slips, tax reporting and training materials, arrange time off, contact an accounting officer payroll manager, with any payroll-related questions, and much more, taking into account your preferences and the choice of available modules. You and your management can access the payroll calendar and pre-agreed reports,

The portal offers a simple interface that allows your employees and managers to easily work with the system. The portal interface is personalized and unique for each employee. Access to information is protected using a username and password entry system, limited viewing rights, as well as other technical means that ensure the security and confidentiality of information. The portal can be accessed from any computer or mobile device without the need to install any additional software - employees can register using their preferred browser. 

The Standard module is included in the price offer (Data exchange and electronic pay slips):

Self-service for employees

Self-service for the head

Working Time Accounting 

The portal can also be used as a time and attendance solution - we are ready to either provide a simple absenteeism tool (negative attendance) or provide a comprehensive positive time and attendance solution based on your specific needs.  

Employees of the client get access to information about the predetermined time of their presence at work in accordance with internal schedules, as well as taking into account local legislation. Employees of the client can send applications for time off, processing, business trip and other types of applications. The supervisor will be notified of the receipt of such application and may approve the presence of subordinates either individually or jointly. An employee can always check the status of his application (approved, rejected, being processed, etc.), as well as cancel his request if the application has not yet been approved.

An overview of the scope and main areas of work of our solution is presented below:

Input data - relevant data, for example, in relation to working hours and absence from work, overtime, replacement, etc. may be reflected:

Approval processes

Checks in accordance with the regulations

Checks in accordance with local regulations

Functions and user rights

Natural link to wages


Properties and reports are developed taking into account certain requests and needs of the Client - after a joint discussion and initial analysis.